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Festhalle Condo Rental Rules

No one likes too many rules. But to keep our lodging safe, clean and enjoyable we ask Guests to follow these requirements. Although we arrange for housekeepers and maintenance we ask that you take extra care to keep properties in good condition. Rules are usually posted in property and are included in a Guest Manual sometimes located in the property. Occupancy is further regulated by our Terms and Conditions posted here and in the units.


TIMES: Checkin and Checkout times are listed in Guest Confirmations or Registration contracts. These times allow adequate time for cleaning between guests. There are charges for early arrival or late checkout.

CHECKLIST: Upon arrival Guests are often given Guest Checklists to make sure everything is in order.

OCCUPANCY: Guest Terms & Conditions limit occupancy and exceeding limits will result in extra per person daily charges and will terminate occupancy without refund of deposits, rents or other charges.

NO PARTIES or gatherings are allowed that would that increase occupancy greater than indicated in the Vacation Agreement, or that would disturb neighbors or violate Sunspot, homeowner, or resort rules or governmental ordinances.

NOISE: Lodging facilities are for recreational use by individuals and families and are not rented for parties unless specifically authorized in writing. As couretsy to neighbors or other guests, please observe quiet at all times especially during the Quiet Zone 10pm and 10am. Be a good neighbor.

NO SMOKING: There is no smoking at any properties unles specificially posted as a Smoking area. Violations will result in a $500 fee per occurenace.

BEHAVIOR: Inappropriate behavior such as loud and/or vulgar language and/or drunkenness is strictly prohibited. Guests evicted for violating property or rules will forfeit their deposit/reserve.

NO PETS. No animals of any kind are allowed at properties unless specificially allowed in writing. Violators will be assessed a fee of $500 per sighting.

RECREATIONAL VEHICLES: Unless specifically authorized in writing, trailers, campers and, tents are not allowed at properites, or in driveways, garages or elsewhere at the property. Violators will be charged a fee of $500 per occurrence and the vehciles will be towed at the guests expense.

TRESPASSING: All properties are private property. Guess are to confine themselves to walking paths, paved roads and roadsides. Please do not pick plants or flowers.

UTILITIES: Electrical rates are high. Please turn off lights, televisions, etc. when not in use.

OPERATIONS: Guests are to use and operate the electrical, gas, plumbing and other fixtures, appliances and furnishings properly and as otherwise instructed.

BARBECUES: Do not use charcoal briquettes in the Propane Barbeque or there will be a charge to replace the barbeque.

CLEANING: Properties are cleaned after departure and may be cleaned during occupancy depending on the type of property and length of occupany. Additional cleaning can be arranged for an additional fee.

LONG DISTANCE: Guest may use their mobile phones or a credit card for long distance phone calls. Direct dialed calls will be invoiced to the guests at the rate of 25 cents per minute.

LAUNDRY: Guests are welcome to use laundry facilities in properties.

DAMAGE: Do not intentionally destroy, deface, impair or remove any part of the Property, equipment, furniture or furnishings.

DEPARTURE: Keep doors locked when out of the property. When departing guests are asked to adust heating and air conditioning as noted in the property. Return furniture to its original position when vacating, No signs may be posted on any property or lot. Fees and costs incurred due to Guest actions are the responsibility of the Guest.

TERMS: After departure Guests are to check out at the property front desk or, if no front desk is availabe, then to forward the Guest checklsit to Sunspots by mail or fax.

AREAS & RESORTS: Other rules apply for geographic areas and resorts.